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PGlobalEd is a "World Class" American Virtual Academy
(Grades 9-12) open to students in all countries!


Premiere Global Education prepares students for leadership in business and technology
to succeed in the modern world."

Welcome to the Academy! Please explore what we have to offer!

PGlobalEd is built to be your low-cost asset. We offer complete academies (Information Technology Academy, International Business and Finance, Pre-Medical Careers) to secondary schools (high schools) who may not have any computer courses, business and finance courses or medical instructors. Perhaps you need just one or two courses to enhance what you already have available at your school. It is your choice!

Are you missing a Math, Science, English, Social Studies or Computer Programming instructor for one year? We can teach the course for you online allowing you more time to hire additional faculty.

Every student around the globe should learn computer programming (computer coding). We have many professional programmers who teach in a unique way to make coding an easy subject to learn. Consider how everything you own has computer coding in it now! Nearly everything will require coding skills in the next 10 to 20 years.

Will you be ready for the future?

"Education and communication is the road to understanding and prosperity!"

Pronounced "P-Global-Ed"

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